UIC Account Portal

Activate your UIC netID, create accounts, manage passwords and email, voicemail and SMS notifications.

NetID activation

Activate your UIC netID to access campus network, computer labs, printing, library resources, email and Blackboard.


Manage UIC email routing for your netID, or create a UIC email account to use with your UIC email address.


Change your password, set up password recovery or reset your password using emergency email or challenge/response.

Emergency SMS

Sign up or renew your subscription to receive emergency campus notifications via text message.


Create UIC email, calendar and web accounts. Collaborate with others using Google Workspace.


Subscribe to Massmail and UIC Announce notifications or update your subscription preferences.


Listen to voicemail messages, delete messages, select greetings and update notification preferences.


Manage user accounts of your MySQL databases. Add or remove users, and change MySQL account passwords.