Activate UIC netID and password

If you require special assistance with this process or have questions, please call the ACCC Client Services Office at 312-413-0003 or email

Welcome to UIC! New students, staff and faculty wishing to use ACCC services such as email, lab access, web publishing, etc. should begin here.

Already have a UIC netID and password? Then this page will NOT work for you. Instead, you might want to:

Step 1 Who are you?

Your SSN or your TCN (Temporary Control Number). I prefer not to submit my SSN.
University ID Number -- blue 9-digit number found on your i-card and on your UIC acceptance letter.
Use the format MMDDYYYY (for example: 04191973).

Step 2 Review policies

Please review the ACCC Acceptable Use Policy for ACCC Services and then indicate your acceptance in the checkbox

Netid and Password Activation

Your netid will be used as part of your UIC email address, as well as your login name for various computer services. Once set up, you'll have general access to ACCC services that require logging in, such as public computing labs, UIC-Wireless, Blackboard, etc.

In the steps that follow, you will be asked to set a password for your netid, which will be used to access various computer services at UIC. You will be asked to enter information to allow for password recovery services in the event you forget your password.

Once finished, you will be given the opportunity to sign up for additional ACCC services as you choose, such as accounts for email or Web publishing, calendar service, etc.

You will also set up your UIC email address during netid activation, as well as other accounts and services for which you are eligible.

SSN Notes

What is a TCN? Students who opted not to provide an SSN on their UIC application were issued a TCN -- a Temporary Control Number. It should be used in place of an SSN in this page.

The University of Illinois is requesting your Social Security Number (SSN) in order to expedite activation of your netid. The University will not disclose an individual's SSN without the consent of the individual to anyone outside the University except as mandated by law. Providing your SSN may minimize administrative delays associated with the requested service. The University of Illinois is working to minimize the use of Social Security numbers within its business processes.

You may review a full description of the University of Illinois Social Security number policy.

If you choose not to provide your SSN now, you may activate your netid and obtain your ACCC accounts by visiting the ACCC Client Services Office in person and presenting your i-card.