Password changing utility

Option 1 Help! I forgot my password

Use Challenge/Response

Well, if you have previously recorded Challenge and Response phrases, and can remember your secret Response, you're in luck.

Use Emergency Email

Click below, and we'll send rescue info to your emergency email address. You did previously record your emergency email, didn't you?

Contact CSO

If you can't use an online option above, please see the CSO Consultants in person.

Option 2 Be prepared if you might forget your password

One option is to record an emergency email address, to which we can later send rescue information. Another option is to record a Challenge phrase and secret Response. You can change an existing Challenge/Response this way, too, but we can't tell you what your existing Response is. (We store the response encrypted for extra security, so we don't even know what it is.) Later, you can use this Challenge and Response to reset a forgotton password.

Set up password recovery mechanisms

Option 3 I know my password, but I want to change it

You can use this, even if your password has expired recently.

Change password